Get Surfaces and attend the 2017 Summer Workshop

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Registration is now open for a 3-day Raising Calculus to the Surface workshop held June 19th - June 21st, 2017, at Winona State University in Winona, MN.  The Raising Calculus curriculum approaches multivariable/vector calculus from a geometric perspective.  The group-based activities provide opportunities for students to discover new mathematical ideas before they are introduced formally by the instructor.  Participants in the workshop will

  1. Investigate multivariable calculus topics from a geometric viewpoint using multiple representations,

  2. Gain experience with the activities from the student perspective,

  3. Learn and use techniques which help bring student ideas into the classroom through small-group and whole-class discussion,

  4. Discuss how to integrate the Raising Calculus materials into their existing course.

Instructors who attend the workshop can purchase classroom kits containing dry-erasable surfaces and contour / coordinate maps, measurement tools, markers, and the instructor's guide.  Kits come with 4, 8, 12, or 16 surfaces.

Workshop Dates: Monday, June 19th (1pm - 4:30pm), Tuesday, June 20th (8:30am - 4:30pm), Wednesday, June 21st (8:30am - 12pm)


Registration and Cost:  Registration is open to instructors at both 4-year and 2-year schools as well as high school teachers.  The workshop registration fee is $175.


Workshop participants can purchase material kits (described here) containing 12 surfaces for \$425, which accommodates a classroom of 36 students.  Kits containing 4, 8 or 16 surfaces will also be available for \$185, \$305, or \$545 respectively.


Lodging: Participants are responsible for their own housing.  Various options are listed below:

Hotel Information Contact Information Notes
Super 8 Winona MN

\$55 per night + tax

phone:   507-454-6066
Address:  1025 Sugar Loaf Rd, Winona, MN 55987

Ask for Corporate Rate.
2.5 miles from campus

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

\$130 per night + tax Reservations:  website

2.5 miles from campus
Go Carefree Shuttle Pick-up / Drop-off Location

Days Inn Winona \$60 per night + tax Reservations:  website

3.5 miles from campus
Go Carefree Shuttle Pick-up / Drop-off Location

Bed & Breakfast      
Carriage House Bed & Breakfast \$119 - \$159 per night + tax

Phone:  507-452-8256
Address:  430 Main St., Winona, MN 55987
Reservations:  website

2 blocks from workshop
(Go Carefree Shuttle has drop-off / pickup at WSU campus)
Windom Park Bed & Breakfast \$120 - \$195 per night + tax Phone: 866-737-1719
Address:  369 West Broadway, Winona, MN
Reservations:  website
4 blocks from workshop
(Go Carefree Shuttle has drop-off / pickup at WSU campus)
The Alexander Mansion Bed & Breakfast \$119 - \$189 per night + tax Phone:  507-474-4224
Address:  274 East Broadway, Winona, MN
Reservations:  website

12 blocks (1 mile) from workshop


Flights:  The nearest major airport is Minneapolis (MSP).  Rochester (RST) and La Crosse (LSE) are the closest airports to Winona, but have more limited flight schedules.


Airport Shuttle:  Go Carefree Shuttle ( provides transportation to/from MSP and Winona for $45 each way.  It also makes stops in both the Rochester and La Crosse airports.